I hear you’re gone.

Where are you going? I hear you're gone. We are family and community. We fight for each other and with each other. We celebrate each other and have parties and celebrate life, and go on adventures together. This is the picture we painted. This is the picture we all want. Then we find ourselves saying... Continue Reading →

She’s released.

The time is now. I see believers rushing the gates of hell by being believers everywhere they go. They've been commissioned. They've been sent. They are preaching the Kingdom, healing the sick, raising the dead, standing with the oppressed - the Church has left the building. The masses of individuals bound to never step foot... Continue Reading →

Called out in Kenya

I was on a missions trips to Kenya once to a city known for sex-trafficking and prostitution - a party town. We had the privilege of spending time with women (moms) who would prostitute themselves to feed their family. They would come to the ministry office and have a coke before work. Prostitution was their... Continue Reading →

How’s the biz!?

When you write a blog about a business venture you're going to start, you get the question all the time, "How's the business going?!" I have loved the accountability this question provides, and would like to take a moment to update you on what life looks like now, things I'm learning, and where Tidy My... Continue Reading →

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