Team Trip to Rwanda 2014

Rwanda is thriving!! There is hope; the land is flourishing, and God is moving powerfully. Thank you for those who financially and prayerfully supported our BSSM team as we went in March. Scroll down for specific testimonies of the goodness of God towards His people! I want to share also some quotes from the leaders... Continue Reading →

“Renewing the Mind” in Rwanda

In Rwanda, I was asked the morning of a pastor's gathering if I would preach on "renewing the mind." My leader had planned something different, but felt strongly that this message was for today. Having done an internship with Steve and Wendy Backlund (Igniting Hope Ministries), this topic was well-engrained into me and is one... Continue Reading →

Find yourself some chicks

Have you ever noticed how mean geese are?* If you haven’t, you’ve either not met any geese from the petting zoo in Gas City, Indiana or you’ve not met a mama or papa goose. When I was on a walk the other day, a flock of geese didn’t budge when I walked by. I don’t think they... Continue Reading →

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