Team Trip to Rwanda 2014

Rwanda is thriving!! There is hope; the land is flourishing, and God is moving powerfully. Thank you for those who financially and prayerfully supported our BSSM team as we went in March.
Screen shot 2014-06-28 at 3.10.56 PM

Scroll down for specific testimonies of the goodness of God towards His people!

I want to share also some quotes from the leaders we partnered with there and the impact that our time together had on them. How beautiful it is when believers from all over the world just come together. We were mutually encouraged and spurred on.

prayer over Emmanuel
Praying over one of the principals.

From the overseer of the Destiny Bible Colleges in Africa:
(After a night of worship with the Bible college students).

“This was the first time ‘that’ [specific touch of joy resulting in uncontrollable laughter] has happened to me…
When we were all singing and dancing at the end, I could finally enjoy it – now we are one! I knew God was in the house!
I want to see that happen again and again and again…
I want to say again, many times you are used to minister, minister, minister – you don’t have anyone to minister to you. They are looking at you as the only source of hope they have…
Sometimes, you really need that getting refreshed, rekindled, and I feel that this is my time to get so refreshed. So refreshed. I feel like a small child.”

From a principal of one of the schools in Rwanda:

“You’ve given me things that will last 50 and 100 years. You’ve strengthened me in the inside. I’m 100% satisfied. You’re the first group that have come and believed in me. When I meet Jesus, I will tell him this story. Your faces are imprinted on my mind.”
(When this man comes to America to preach, you won’t want to miss that service.)

Pacifique - cheering
One of the principals praising the Lord. We got to partner with this mighty man of faith. The leaders of these schools are incredible men who will have books written about them.

From students of the Destiny Bible School – 

(Not word for word – but a woman said) – First, when your team would pray for people for healing, it was very different. Then, I decided to try it too and prayed alongside you. Then, I realized that God would heal people when I pray, and now I believe I can do it too.

(From a pastor, also not word for word) – You showed me that I do not need to stay after and pray late into the afternoon, but that I can empower others to pray for each other too; you even used the children!

One of the students at our final dinner together. Caleb, my radical team mate, from Singapore who taught me so much.

My personal breakthroughs –

My team leader gave me opportunities to take groups of 4-10 people to minister in a couple of
church services. These teams were made up of my fellow teammates and Rwanda Bible School students and pastors. We ministered together as a team (that spoke different languages but knew the same God). In these opportunities, I grew in confidence in the areas I’ve come to school for. I learned that God will always give me something to say if called on to preach, that He’ll heal people when my team and I pray, that He’ll heal people when we ask the congregation to pray for each other, and that we will know what to do in unexpected circumstances (and we had many!). Praise God. I watched the self-awareness and doubt drift away as I realized He had called our team, He didn’t make a mistake, and it’s all about His power and ability to move anyways – not our ability to perform. We leaned into Him, we obeyed, we had fun, and He did miraculous things on all our behalf. He fully equips us for whatever we will be asked to do. That is a powerful truth that I watched sink deep into my heart this trip.

 Time for some specific testimonies!!

 Screen shot 2014-06-28 at 3.10.09 PM

Here are Samuel, Hannah, Clement and Emmanuel – our trip leaders – these local pastors minister over the radio weekly. They invited 5 of us along. Our favorite call in afterwards was a man who was sick in bed, but the radio was on. After the testimonies and prayers were released, he got out of his bed and was fine!

Screen shot 2014-06-28 at 3.10.39 PM

This guy’s happy because he could only lift his arm about 70% of the way upward then God healed him. Now he can legit wave goodbye (and do many other things). Imanishimwe (“Praise God” in Kynrwanda).

Screen shot 2014-06-28 at 3.10.30 PM

This day in a packed out church, I introduced one of my amazing team members to preach and she did phenomenal. Afterwards, another team member felt to pray for people dealing with depression and sleeplessness. Probably 70% stood up saying they could relate to this. We got to pray peace over them. We later prayed for healing of diverse conditions. The next day in a debrief, the pastor mentioned, “Yes, a woman’s tumor was healed when Julie prayed over her.” I was so confused as I had not prayed for anyone specifically that service! What happened was that when my teammate, Caleb, stood beside me and prayed for the group of individuals who stood up, many got healed and about 17 people came to the pastor afterwards to tell him what happened. One was a woman who had a tumor healed. God is SO good! He moves and He heals.

We went out to eat one day and saw the restaurant manager limping. Our team asked if they could pray and sat him in a chair. They discovered one leg was an inch shorter than the other. He had had a bad car accident 5 years previously. They prayed for his leg to grow out and God grew it out. He walked up and down the steps many times, shocked, testing it out, then we captured this video. He discovered that God, in fact, certainly healed him. We rejoiced.

My Favorite Moments

1) When God healed a bunch of people on the street…
that was the first time I’ve ever experienced something like this – that many people, that quickly, having pain leave. Person after person. Because of translation problems, I suddenly caught “God’s going to heal you!” popping out of my mouth towards people. Then He did. What grace.


2) Kids…
Getting surrounded by them, leading them in dance and worship, and squatting down to just stare into their eyes one by one and bless them. Young, tenacious, beautiful world-changers.

Screen shot 2014-06-28 at 3.09.44 PM

3) This boy…
There was something so profound about how he lived. Perhaps it was his persistence, his confidence, his gentleness – or the fact that he CHOSE to worship.

In his weakness, when things were still unfinished, he found a way to praise the Lord with everything he had.


May we do the same. The Lord is so worthy. 

Blessings to you friends, thank you for going on the journey with me.

This was the day I met him… Sorry it is sideways. 🙂

Here another perspective from my beautiful teammate, Anne Douglas (you may have to copy and paste it) –

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