Crazy Stories Part 2: Answer God’s Good Questions

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 9.43.06 AMIf an apple tree is an apple tree before it grows apples, then I can be an author before I’ve even written a book.

The manfiestation of our call does not determine our identity, the Word of the Lord does.

I can’t help but think an apple tree may appear different over some years if it planted itself in the arctic, pulled off all it’s leaves, or painted it’s trunk orange – but it would still be an apple tree.

We, too, hit some tips and turns, unexpected breakthroughs and seeming delays in our lives, but the fear that we can change our identity and prophetic destiny by our mistakes is ridiculous.

I write about this because I’ve personally been held back by by this fear. The lie that I can “miss” God’s plan has manifested as a lack of dreaming or fear of decision-making. It often hits the religious folk that really really want to get it right.

If we had to get everything perfect for God’s will to manifest through our lives, then He wouldn’t be God, we would. And grace and mercy wouldn’t have to follow us all of the day of our lives.

After years of pursuing the “straight and narrow” way, I realize that anyone who walks with God missed it at birth, and God allowed it. Then the possibility of a one-way trajectory of growth in life was thrown off with the idea of salvation. For the planners reading this blog, we must throw our hands in the air and say, “Wow, a juncture of completely different blood lines in my lifetime – I couldn’t have factored that in!”

Unfortunately, some of us praise the Lord at salvation then go back to thinking it’s our idea to plan the rest of the story. And if we plan to much with our brains, we’ll miss the crazy bits of risk, trial, and sometimes “error” that God meant to make up our story.

By digging into the Old Testament lately, it has become very apparent that God isn’t deterred in His love and sovereignty by human error, or even willful sin.

I came to the conclusion that I would blatantly say, our OT heroes got it wrong! Maybe Joseph didn’t have to tell everyone his dream and get locked up for years. Samson made some bad decisions with women and continuously let a manipulative one know his secrets. David acted out of lust and fear that led to terrible consequences for others.

Yet still, the word of the Lord on their lives spoken over them at the very beginning remained in the end.

God accomplished through them what He intended to all along. Their paths never negated the plan. Looking back, they even seemed to make the plan.

Two months ago, God invited me to dream as if I couldn’t mess up my future.

Sometimes He adds clarifying statements to His questions to expose and bypass bad beliefs that have been holding us back.

“Julie, if you knew the end of your story would be the same no matter what, if all the prophetic words on your life would come to pass – how would you want to spend NOW?”

I feel that because of the phrasing of the question and the timing in my life in which He asked it, the answer was easy.

“I’d live in Chicago, own a big dog, ride the train, and be on the ground with inner city youth again, living to make a difference for them.”

Later I added that “this particular organization” and “that particular role with them” would be really cool.

I answered that two months ago.

You can pray for that interview happening in less than two weeks.

And I bless you to answer whatever question He is asking you right now, and I wonder what qualifiers He may use for you:

If money weren’t an option…

If you were single for three more years…

If you were guaranteed to find team and community…

If your family celebrated whatever it is you choose…

Numerous other options… because He knows you and speaks with you in such a special way. That is so exciting.

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  1. I’m just rereading some of your blogs. I’m so glad that you are writing your thoughts as they come. This particular one hits the nail on the head for me – the prophetic words will come to pass. What is the question that He’s asking me now…

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