Proverbs 1

Personalizing Proverbs 1 through declarations to renew my mind and position my heart:

Every day, I am learning discipline and wisdom. I have a successful and disciplined life and do what is right, just, and fair.

I have insight, knowledge and discernment.

I have understanding and am daily receiving guidance. I explore the meanings in proverbs and parables.

I fear the Lord and know that this is the root of all knowledge.

I abide by the instructions of fathers and mothers in the faith. What I learn is my crown of grace and necklace of honor.

I quickly turn from evil and recognize where the enemy tries to lure me. I say, “No” to the invitation to sin.

I do not aspire to riches and material possessions. I guard myself from greed, envy and self-idolatry.

I surround myself with those who pursue wisdom, not worldly possessions or gain. God preserves my life.

Wisdom is regularly shouting aloud. It is ever-present and available. I respond.

I love wisdom. I come close to listen to wisdom. I am open to hearing the heart of wisdom and becoming wise myself.

I respond when wisdom calls. I act when wisdom speaks. I tilt my ear to it, and renew my mind with it. I take wisdom’s advice and it is a help to me. I fear the One who is Wisdom.

I proactively live–according to the ways of wisdom and God preserves my life. I will eat the fruit of wisdom, of giving up my life to let it transform me.

I live in peace, untroubled by fear of harm.

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