Declarations to speak, inspired by Proverbs 2

I listen to what my Father says, and I treasure His commands. My ears have been tuned to wisdom. I fix my focus on understanding.

It’s normal for me to cry out for insight. I don’t go a day without asking for understanding. I delight in searching for them. Wisdom and understanding are treasures for me waiting to be found.

I daily grow in understanding of what it means to fear the Lord. I can then gain knowledge of God–who He is and how He thinks.

God grants wisdom. He is the God of all knowledge and understanding–it flows from His mouth. I know His voice (John 10:14,4).

(vs. 7) I am honest, and He increases my wealth of common sense. I choose integrity in everything I do and He is a shield to me. I stand among those who are just and faithful to Him, and He guards our paths and protects us.

I tune my ears to Him–the one who is Wisdom, and I understand what is right, just and fair. I find the right ways to go.

Wisdom has entered my heart, knowledge is filling me with joy. I make wise choices, and they guard my life. I am filled with understanding and it keeps me safe.

Wisdom guards me from evil people and helps me discern truth from lies. I am conscious of the ones who have turned from the right way to walk down a dark path. I am alert to those who may try to deter me with immorality and lofty pursuits that go against God’s perfect plan for my life. I steadily stay on the paths of life.

I follow the steps of good men and stay in the path of righteousness. I will remain in the land of the living for the Lord has made me godly and righteous through Christ.

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