To be totaled

The term “totaled” comes from the insurance term “total loss.” Put simply, when the cost of repairing a damaged vehicle exceeds the cost (or a set percentage of the cost) of repairing the vehicle, it makes little financial sense to spend the money for repairs.

The first thought(s) I had when I woke up Sunday morning was clear as day.

A person can’t be totaled.
They’re not a car.

It was such a clear thought that if a teenage girl would have been saying it to me, it also would have had a loud “duh!” on the end. I stayed still and let the thought unfold in my mind.

What it would take to “fix” someone, reconcile them to God, restore them to relationship with others, change a habit – whatever words you want to use…

…what it would cost to invest in a person to see them grow is always less than their actual value.

Every human being was first bought with the Savior and King’s very life. Unlike a car, a person can never be “totaled”. He is never too far gone, and the price to help him is never higher than the value he carries within him.

The bank account we are commanded to pull from for the ministry of reconciliation never runs out, and no dime spent towards loving a person is a waste.

A person is not a car. Duh! He can’t be totaled or disposed of. He can never be given a cash out for his “remaining value”, and the voice trying to act as an insurance company telling us otherwise is a scam asking us to trade in our destinies for a cheap estimation of our potential, based on a past that God already took care of.

Say no to scams – for others and yourself.

My dad, fixing yet another one of my cars. What he does with cars makes the Energizer Bunny look weak. He wholeheartedly invests in people too. He gets it.

Feel free to comment any other ways this simple phrase speaks to you.


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