Are we in?


I’m not sure how many times I responded to Jillian Michaels today with, “I’m not sure if I want to.” She made a lot of “We’re going to go into this” statements and “Grab your weights” notions, and my first response was that.

“I’m not sure if I want to.”

And unless you love Cross Fit or work out daily, you know exactly what I mean, but maybe your response comes to her like a swear word or a water break.

“But first, Jillian…” let me get this water, right?

Then eat breakfast, and wash my floors, and go to work, and maybe we can finish the video later.

And, I wonder when it became acceptable in me to question parts of what I fully signed up for, and if I pick and choose Day 2,9, and 10 to do sporadically within 87 days, can I expect the same result as the 90 day shred?

And if I get this job, and I do 90% of the things wonderfully, but just don’t really prefer the other 10 or put them on hold till I am ready, will I be a top employee?

And if I love my neighbor as myself, except for when I’m really tired, angry, or in a huge rush…

And if I believe that God is holy and righteous and good but I don’t quite want to believe yet that He is the Savior of all sinners…

Or that He’s holy in me…

And if I think I’m saved, but not set free from all my struggles…

Or that He’s the friend, but not the healer…

Or that He restores cities supernaturally, but Chicago is just really bad…

Can I expect the same result?

I’m wondering if the choosing of truth within what we fully signed up for will lead to the promised outcome.

I’m not sure when signing up partially became a thing, but I’m pretty sure it’s not working out for us (no pun intended).

And I’m positive that reading this blog isn’t going to give you or me the unction to be a 100% person to our commitments or even to the Lord, but it might just make us stop and look at how silly some of this thinking really is, and we might realize where we need to surrender more to what we say we’re in for.

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll at least start to finish our workouts.

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  1. Julie, I appreciate your insights into daily struggles. Oh how I want to give my 100%!! I’m praying for you too!

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