Convicted of mindless scrolling

Do not accept condemnation, only God-given conviction – conviction comes with hope and leads to growth. Thanks for reading my blog.

A couple of weeks ago I sat looking at Facebook on my phone. Scrolling just a bit in the 30 seconds between working out and taking a shower.

30 seconds turned to three minutes and maybe five, then I slightly panicked like a kid who left her lunch at home and realized it only when she got hungry at school. I realized I surrendered the time of the day that I’m the sharpest in mind and body, to the most mind-numbing thing ever and that it happened way too easily. And I heard something in my mind, very quickly, to the effect of –

“I am regularly more knowledgeable of what other people are up to, than I am what God is presently speaking to me through His Word.”

Oh. Crap.

I know a lot of stuff, but what of it would impact a life today?

I live in an environment where recently in one bad night, cross fire punctured flesh every hour. I work in an environment where teenagers grieve the loss of friends taken by careless weapons. I finally live in a world where the reality is a reminder of hope’s urgency and human’s frailty. And I’m forced to ask myself:

How many regurgitated revelations from an evangelist would I pass along to another individual and it could serve as their bread? How many of the inspirational Christian quotes that appease me would bring vision to a child’s life? How many of the reasons I know I’m from the Midwest would serve as a source of strength to a person in need?

Am I preparing myself for what God is daily positioning in my life for me to influence?

And I’m convicted and challenged to intentionally focus my time on thumbing through Scriptures more than my Facebook wall and renewing my mind more than the filter on the Instagram post and to be as quick to intercede as I am to pull out my phone in a moment of downtime. And if I make these subtle and powerful decisions, I’m convinced I’d be a  woman of much more profound wisdom. And if we all snatched our 30 second and 5 minute and 30 minute before bed “spare moments” in our days and weeks to seek the Lords face for depth of wisdom and words of life, I’m convinced it will enrich our conversations, our lives and our relationships. And if we favored quiet spaces with God, as much as do an updated phone – it may even spark revival.

And I’m convicted of this, yet Lord, convict me more.

And pray for me, friends.

I’ll pray for you too.

Or will we all just hit ‘like’ keep on scrolling?

3 thoughts on “Convicted of mindless scrolling

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  1. Thank you for writing this. This is such a mirror to where I am at right now, seeing my heart that I’ve let become very undernourished.
    A heart that has less to give, less substance to work with other than knee-jerk reactions to what I experience and scroll by everyday. It’s time to return to what I did before I got distracted, and perhaps find something new and be renewed.

    1. Thank you for sharing Nathan. Life does things to us, that we don’t always like. One of my biggest fears was who I would become if this happened again and my heart piled on two traumas that remained untouched by God’s healing.

      May times of refreshing come from the Lord that you can live your truest self in the light of His goodness.

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