Dream, Big Kid!

“I dream of a day when no one has to stand on a street corner and beg,” says the 29 year old girl driving home from a good day’s work and time with a friend. “Wouldn’t it be great if kids in this neighborhood never had to fall asleep to the lights of a cop car flashing outside their window,” she dreamed with God as the reality of the street stayed fully in her view.

“Let’s live in a world where the orphan spirit is eradicated, and people love themselves because they know God’s love.”

And the voices of how others would respond to this idealistic dream seeped into her head. “Even the Bible says that the poor will always be among you. We have to be realistic.”

Who says that to a child who dreams of bringing world peace? No one. “You can do anything you put your mind to!” they say. But now we’re 29, and not really a kid anymore, are we?

And the whining drone of correction lingers on and is paused abruptly by the imagination reminding her of the bystander who never made a difference and spent his life talking others into his same realism.

And they all stayed realistic. And never made a difference. Because it’s safest that way, to believe for what you can see, and hope for “just enough” and praise God for His grace that you squeeked through one more day.

And some in their realism, die not doing anything. And some in their realism, die with a lot of religious activity. But neither, expecting what we’ve only ever always seen, brought the Kingdom of God to the earth as someone once told us to do.

Dream on, Big Kid.

“When the church understands happiness and living the abundant life, it will be the greatest harvest the world has ever known.” – Chad Dedmon

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