And we stood in awe of a King. Together.

Sunday morning:

I watch a diverse community shout praises to God together. Some sit in silence, rocking in their chairs while others join in circles with children as if they too were 5 again. Exuberant dancing with hands raised high. In tears on our knees. In laughter on our faces. Standing in peaceful reflection. Beautiful people – everywhere. And I write. This is my worship. I sit in awe of God and His people.

The bride is beautiful, and 4 campuses have come together as one today. And the leader of one greeted me at the door and the leader of one stacked chairs and carried books in. Throughout the room, the leaders, still loving people, still building up the body, but now without the same title they once held. They traded their titles to come together as one – to become bigger, to combine strength, to believe for things some would call crazy, and to experience God transform a city.

I get to be in this church, surrounded by laid down lovers who want God’s presence to impact the world more than they want anything else.

They said a difficult yes – they modeled humility, and in that, they’re the greatest leaders I have ever met. In this, they have modeled for me and a generation, that we never outgrow humility and we never stop the journey of growing into WHO we are called to be, which is far beyond what we do. And it’s all worth it. What would be seen as an act of “stepping down” in the worldly sense, was a step up higher than the human brain can fathom.

And my heart rejoiced as I witnessed it. Because this type of leadership, a clan of powerful people committed to God and committed to each other, may actually carry the weight and authority we need to impact our city in need.

And a chorus carried on to the words of, “As the elders throw their crowns down… We sing worthy is the one, the Lamb, who has overcome. His resurrection love has raised us up again.”

And God is exalted. And finally a group of people so tenacious to see His glory on display that they let go of our ideas of the “highest spiritual calling” of being a lead pastor, that they may grow greater still and be more united still.

And we stood in awe of a King together, black, white, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, young, old, business-professionals and hippies. And we lingered in a tangible presence of a mighty King. This is church redefined. And I’m convinced again that anything is possible.


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