If I treated the Word of God as I do coffee

For I am convinced that coffee is the legalized addiction in the church…
If I treated the Word of God like I do coffee…

I would always have a quality supply of it in my home.

I would have it every morning in my home. If I didn’t get it at home, I would change route to grab it on the way or set aside my 1st break time to get it. I might think about it until the plan for obtaining it was accomplished.

It would energize and settle me before the day.

I would have a known access point to it in all the major places I spend time during the day.

When I vacation – a goal would be to get more of it.

I would invite my friends to gather around it.

I’d tell people about when I found the really good stuff.

When I’d smell it on people I’d feel the affinity that comes with similar values and vision.

I would communicate to people that it’s a pre-requisite for anyone I would seriously consider dating.

When I heard of a new place that distributes it with excellence – I would add “going there” to my Chicago bucket list.

If someone watered it down, I would not prefer they they themselves give me any more.

I’d would always have it with me when I minister, or would have taken it in just before.

I’d invest in it.

I’d depend on it.

I’d enjoy it.

It would delight my heart to have someone deliver it to me!

It would not only be a practical house item, but a featured kitchen accessory.

If it was the same every time – I would savor it. If it had new notes of flavor, I would savor it.

It would be meant to be shared with others.


11 thoughts on “If I treated the Word of God as I do coffee

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  1. Julie this is amazing… Can I share this on my blog with a link to yours and credit to you of course! So excited when I find excellent Christian writers

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