I’m starting a business.

For years I’ve dreamed of starting a business that would empower young people and transform communities. I’ve come to find out that this little engine for my dream to get some feet will be a cleaning company for corporate spaces.

Top reasons I want to start a cleaning company:

  1. Make a profit: I have other dreams for people empowerment and city transformation, and they will cost money.
  2. Get others making a profit: I want my employees to reach for their dreams too, because part of my dream is seeing theirs realized. Reaching for our dreams takes money at some point and joblessness is a problem, especially in urban environments.
  3. Develop people: I have grown the most in my life in work environments with a boss who cares. It’s where people invest time and receive accountability – what better way to infuse truth and constructive feedback than to be a boss.
  4. Clean places: Clean environments make people feel better about themselves and have more respect for their surroundings. Everyone deserves to be in a clean and safe place. We want to increase that, especially in places that need it most.

For over 10 years, I’ve dreamed of creating opportunities for youth in high-risk, under-resourced communities. I’ve worked in non-profit and educational settings, including a juvenile hall.  I’ve done plenty of service projects and been matched as a mentor time and again, and I’ve been seeking how to truly create and multiply life-changing opportunities for youth seeking a better path for their life – even “a way out” as some would say (especially those in correctional facilities who also feel their environment on the “outs” is not much better).

No matter where we began or where we are going, we all need to be believed in, grow continually in character and pay the bills. Unfortunately, the grounds for individuals getting these things is not equal.

From being a teachers aid in a juvenile hall to editing resumes for Ivy League grads, the education gap, support systems within that, and opportunities that follow has never felt so enormous.

While working at By The Hand Club For Kids, an organization shrinking this divide, I found the idea of starting a cleaning company for corporate spaces, non-profits and churches to create jobs for individuals who are discovering their desired track, or in the interim of finishing one educational program and pursuing another. I see this as a sustainable business that will allow individuals to be mentored, learn teamwork, and grow their professional acumen.

I have a desire to hire employees while helping them to further develop themselves through passion discovery and education and spiritual mentorship as desired.

Tidy My Place – where clean and culture converge – will offer excellent services while developing the greatness in people. I will pursue clients with the space that will allow for 2-3 people to learn teamwork on the job. Tidy My Place team leaders will be people who know how to clean and care about the growth of our employees. The dream is that Tidy My Place will be a partner of Find My Place (once it’s developed), a resume editing and leadership program free to employees and for contract to other client organizations.

How is cleaning empowering to someone?

Work is work – no matter what kind. One’s ability to feel and act like a leader is always an intrinsic value. In addition to learning identity outside of what you do for work, employees will learn leadership through service. By learning to do small things in a big way, we are developing people as great leaders who will do big things.

My goal is that within 18 months, and employee is well on their way to pursuing their next dream or career path and that they have already trained someone to take over for them within Tidy My Place.

Why a cleaning business?

There are 2 things that will always be true about people. They eat and make messes. I don’t want to start a restaurant or make food, and I want to go into a field that won’t go out of style.

When will we see Tidy My Place in action?

I am already incorporated in the state of Illinois as an LLC (this is not a not-for-profit), and you can check out my website at tidymyplace.com. I want to hire employees at the start of 2018 and I have potential clients who we will be partnering with Tidy My Place by allowing us to be their cleaning service provider. My goal is to raise $16,300 by December 20, 2017 for start up costs including marketing, cleaning supplies and first-hire payroll.

Click here to give now through GoFundMe and to see our progress.

If you would like to schedule a meeting to see the business plan before donating, please reach out to me at julie@tidymyplace.com. I’d love to share more of my vision with you. We can meet for coffee, or clean together and chat. There’s nothing like building relationship and trust over hard work.

Last but not least, I feel the freedom to share my vision and ask for help because the people that God has placed in my life have celebrated and supported me in various ways throughout many years. This is a gift I don’t take lightly. Thank you in advance for your financial support, thus celebrating and supporting a plan for reaching my dream of empowering young people to transform their communities.

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