She’s released.

The time is now. I see believers rushing the gates of hell by being believers everywhere they go. They’ve been commissioned. They’ve been sent.

They are preaching the Kingdom, healing the sick, raising the dead, standing with the oppressed – the Church has left the building.

The masses of individuals bound to never step foot in a church are experiencing the impacting touch of a loving God. It’s coming to them in a hug! in a word! through the form of a human being – a collective group of people who carry such a similar impact, it’s as if they are one! The bride!

She’s not waiting for them to come in anymore, she’s going out to meet them. She’s kneeling beside them in the streets, she’s standing for justice for her neighbor, she’s calling everyone her neighbor! She’s releasing freedom through her words at her family reunion, she’s healing her coworkers, she’s stunning!

We’re captivated by her, then notice she truly is made up of individuals flowing the same yet distinct individuals all scattered around, everywhere I look. We’ve fallen in love with them. They have something. They are unique, but carry the same powerful presence. I want to know it. I want it.

They didn’t wait for me to come in to the church. They didn’t wait till Sunday to embrace me or accept my pain. They came to me – with generosity. They came to me – with kindness in their eyes. They came to me – with strength in their voice. They came out and got me where I was, and even in this, revealed a Father to me. They found me. They love me! Love found me. He knows me. I am His.


Biblical reference: Acts 2:42-47

God asked me once, in the face of pain in the world: “What are you going to do about it?” Click here for blog.

Full of love, fully loved and equipped for every good work, we have to ask ourselves this question.

One of my favorite video testimonies of salvation from a friend I knew in Redding: “They loved me fiercely

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