There’s actually a bigger “why”

Find yourself struggling with fear of rejection at times? Does it make you hesitate a bit to actually step forward into your good ideas? Me too.

I started a business and for the last couple months, I would stick a little toe in the water of offering our services and HOPE they liked ME enough to say yes. I’d get scared to check my e-mail in case they didn’t think I was the best communicator in the world, or fearful of negative feedback. I don’t know where it came in, but anyone could tell you you will never grow a business that way.

As I was immersed in tutorials and meetings this week to learn how to carpet clean and strip and wax a floor, I wondered how the heck I got into this. My call is to train, equip and develop leaders through workplace environments on the way to their calls. Why am I spending so much time learning how to care for a floor?

Paul was a tentmaker.

I was reminded that to create a scalable business that serves customers well, makes money, and teaches people practical skills, I needed to learn at least how to talk about it, let alone know how to coach a new person to do it.

On the way to our destiny is a lot of other “stuff” that will equip us to actually step into and walk out our dreams. Apparently my stuff is floor care, and I am driving around with a wax stripper in my car and a box of toilet bowl cleaners. Maybe it’s not glamorous, but I’ll be removing them on the day I get to load up my car with people to go to a job where I can give them an opportunity to make money. That, to me, is glamorous.

Yesterday, before a walkthrough of a building, the Lord reminded me of my bigger “why”-

‘You’re here in this walkthrough to get people jobs. Your life is a bridge. You are here to give the person in front of you an opportunity to say “yes” to giving an empowering employment opportunity to the person beside you. It never was about you anyway.’

Instantly the fear of rejection was gone and I gained courage to pursue businesses and give everyone a chance to say yes to employing people I’m connected with.

I’ve always liked to live life as a bridge, and I find even as a business owner, I get to do that still. I’ll always be doing that. It doesn’t matter how “high up” or “entry level” we may feel, we will always walk out our “why” if we can just remember it. And this will bring us great courage and peace.

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