I hear you’re gone.

Where are you going? I hear you’re gone.

We are family and community. We fight for each other and with each other. We celebrate each other and have parties and celebrate life, and go on adventures together. This is the picture we painted. This is the picture we all want. Then we find ourselves saying goodbye and others just leaving and while it has come to “make sense” – my heart hurts if I’m honest.

There’s a reason it feels dysfunctional, and it started long before we were around.

We are doing this thing here – we are attempting to walk out which is the most powerful force on the planet and the only one that can help people. We are creating this body that belongs with the Head that every heart longs for, and we are instigating her movements. When done correctly and in line with the head, we will move this body in such a way that it truly is unstoppable against any force of evil that comes against people.

But my shoulder left my body, my elbow never made it in, my ear comes once a year because it can’t find that the smooth part of the head is actually its rightful home, my toe argues with my pinky and then the eye was too scared to let the veil up off over it so I can only see dimly, and I’m hurt. I’m just hurt.

So we are doing this thing here – where I chose you, and you chose me for a time, and we get together every once in a while, and sometimes it’s truly transformational. And we are feeling pretty powerful – enough to tell everyone to come do what we’re doing to the point they feel pretty bad if they don’t. Then a certain time comes when we just can’t do it anymore, and we go to do this thing with someone else.

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