About Me

I write to help me process life. Sometimes it becomes entertaining for other people. I spend hours on a blog that is dear to my heart that doesn’t get a lot of attention. I get random pieces that take me 30 seconds to write that fly around the world. You readers are funny people.

I’m not very creative, but I’m strategic. I like my ability to connect seemingly unconnected things. I like that there is a world that’s so interconnected yet thinks it’s so separated and distant. I love people, and Jesus.

I laugh when I’m happy, and I laugh when I’m overwhelmed, and I laugh when someone says something really profound (or ridiculous). I wonder how differently my posts would be received if you heard me speak them to you – with laughter all sprinkled through.

I love being 31. Since I was 21, I couldn’t wait to be 30. I’m here now, and It’s awesome. I’m a delighted resident of Chicago, the greatest city in the world. I work in development for a local non-profit, faith-based after-school program – building bridges between people with really big hearts to serve kids and the kids who need their love the most.

I attend a phenomenal church that urges me to believe in a big and powerful God and that calls out the best in me – allowing me to be the best version that I was created to be. Attending here allows me the opportunity to run alongside giants and see God’s Kingdom advance. If that makes no sense to you, come visit sometime.

I have an incredible boyfriend who didn’t get scared away by my post about dating blogs and who I found at church – not on a dating blog.

My dreams include: getting an MBA, writing so well it gets into a real newspaper, seeing God instantly heal a bullet wound from someone’s body, acting as a mom to lots of kids, and speaking at youth development conferences.

Other goals entail: watching Lord of the Rings so I stop getting made fun of, owning a Weimereiner, starting a business (or 5), being a really good sister and daughter and friend, and incorporating fun and rest into every day.

Ask me tomorrow – the list will change, morph, be added to, or things dropped off.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Interested in more about my life? Click here for that category of blog posts.

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