Is Love Enough?

In a recent conversation on racism in America, I caught myself telling someone that "loving each other" hasn't worked out so well for us! I then demanded a strategy for change instead. What can we "DO?!"It sounds silly, but "loving each other hasn't worked" is legitimately what came out my mouth, and a more specified... Continue Reading →

Julie, do you ever get angry?

Raw and uncut response to the white boys behind me at a play. I went to the play, “Monster," last week. It's the story of a 16 year old charged with felony murder who was acting as a lookout for a robbery gone wrong. I won’t tell you the end, but I will tell you what the two white... Continue Reading →

Is it because I’m white?

I awoke to repeated knocking and mag lights through my window from two police officers. I can’t remember the exact order of conversation, but “You live here?!” was asked very early on and repeated about 4 times. “For how long!?” We seemed to be lingering around for his shock to wear off and I was... Continue Reading →

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