How we stay single

Inspired by the individuals investing themselves in apps and websites to help them get into a relationship, I present some of the most common ways we have found to avoid them altogether... types of early stage break ups. 1) Coffee meets your mom – This is when your white friend finds out that the Asian-American guy she was matched... Continue Reading →

Dream, Big Kid!

“I dream of a day when no one has to stand on a street corner and beg,” says the 29 year old girl driving home from a good day’s work and time with a friend. “Wouldn’t it be great if kids in this neighborhood never had to fall asleep to the lights of a cop... Continue Reading →

Find yourself some chicks

Have you ever noticed how mean geese are?* If you haven’t, you’ve either not met any geese from the petting zoo in Gas City, Indiana or you’ve not met a mama or papa goose. When I was on a walk the other day, a flock of geese didn’t budge when I walked by. I don’t think they... Continue Reading →

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